Well This Sucks Apr 3, 2010

Yesterday I took a nasty spill and landed hard on my wrist. It’s been a while since I’ve fallen like that and I knew as soon as I landed that I’d be in pain for a while. I woke up this morning to find my whole wrist bruised and yellow. I guess it’s time for ice, ibuprofen and tiger balm. Oh and the road bike.

  • That sucks ass. Does it hurt to pinch your thumb and pinkie finger together? My hand was in pain for months after I got hit…hope you heal faster than that!

  • Ouch. Glad that is all that happened. How did your bike fare?

  • Ouch. Heal fast brother.

  • jerm

    put some chicken soup on it and eat some ice. good as new in no time.

  • dude i just got a splint for my right wrist. I could use a week or so off to let it heal.

  • hope the cops don’t nab you for abuse when they see your girlfriend is black and blue!


  • dpow

    ouch dude. stay off that for a couple o days.

  • Ouch, looks like my ankle after I failed at a barspin and my foot got caught in my FRS.

  • Burd

    Bummer. I’ve been down for a couple weeks with a bum wrist as well. I second the ibuprofen/ice treatment…

  • nate c

    my advice: massage that shit HARD. as much as you want to ice to decrease swelling, you want your circulation pulling the bad blood out and good blood in = faster healing.

  • Luke S


  • mama watson

    Must of been something going thru the watson family . .your brother took a spill too and hurt his left hand. Miss you!!! Come to 910!!!

  • looks like a long night of beating off to me…

  • OBA

    Looks like a fractured scaphoid – I’ve got a screw holding mine together – go get an xray