Tony Fast’s ESB with 26″ Apr 2, 2010

With all the new dedicated 26″ riders out there, Tony Fast decided to try it out. Christian from Profile hooked him up with a new set of prototype fixed hubs and Sun Ringlé shot him over some MTX 33 26″ hoops. Here’s the end result on his 14 Bike Co. ESB frame. Not too shabby. Still not for me, but again, the smaller bikes look pretty rad with them! Next time I see Tony, I’ll have to put them on my Bruiser and try it out.

Check out some more photos at Bicycle Revolutions’ blog.

Tony Fast and His Cinelli MASH Low Pro
When 700cmx is No Longer 700c: the 26″ vs. 700c Debate

  • im tellin you prolly. the large bruiser feels way nicer with 26s and it looks solid.

  • Justin

    Dont do it man.

  • D

    So… now just add a freewheel and a rear brake!

  • cam

    I gotta say I just dont see the point of this, why not just ride a MTB if you want to run 26 inch wheels? There are a heap of single speed mtb’s that would be very easy to run fixed.

  • if you want to run 700c why not just ride a road bike? i dont understand your logic.

  • rich, I think cam is saying why dont people run a frame built for 26″ wheels fixed. that way the bb wouldnt be hitting the floor, you would probably have full bs clearance anyway, and the park geo is better suited for jumping shit. Also, fixed SE OM Flyer? YES SIR :D

  • the geometry is different. same reason your not just riding a 29r. if you dont want bigger tires then just ride a pretty track bike for tricks and if you want 700c with big tires just buy a 29er. you see its all the same. just get over the fact that your wrong bout this one. i did. if your bike is predominantly for tricks 26 is where its at. it feels better and makes more sense. most bikes max out under 700×42 for tire clearance. thats just not big enough especially at 700c. wheels are too expensive so are broken wrists. maybe 700c is better for commuting but this isnt fixed gear commuting.

  • jkelley

    I thought the whole point was we liked to do tricks on bikes we could commute on…

  • swoo

    who says you can’t commute on 26″ wheels?

    that argument is based on bikes like BMX or DJ bikes I think..
    BMX is super small and ratio sucks, it’s like riding a scooter if you’re using it for commuting.
    DJ bikes have the seat soooo low, that it wouldn’t be comfortable..

    26″ wheels on a regular bike only lowers it a bit(when compared to fatty tires on 700c wheels), the geometry doesn’t change at all, I don’t see how that would affect commuting too much.

    like Prolly said, 26″ wheels on small bikes look alright, 26″ on big frames look funky.. but who cares.

    I personally have had enough with having to true my wheel everyday and then eventually breaking them cuz’ they’re not meant for anything we do..

  • you can commute on any bike. people do. its just what kind of a ride your looking for. my only mode of transportation is a bike. so how is it in any way not commutable?

  • Mikey

    I gotta say.. your probably not going to affect the geo too much by using 26″ers with 2″ tires instead of 700x32c etc….

    The difference between 26″ and 700c wheels is the RIMS not the whole thing tire and all…

    Try putting a 26″ wheel with fatties next to a 700x23c (which is probably the size that builders are basing their geo on). and they’ll be about the same…

    soo.. no bb-drop and you preserve the geometry. the only thing you have to worry about is if the width of the tire will clear the stays. As for the fork.. just throw on a urban/park bike fork and you can run up to 2.5 size tires.

    Personaly, I REALLY want one of those Durcus Stylin frames with the sloping top tube and 26″ers with some fattie tires. It’s like a mix of a BIG bmx.. DJ/Park Bike.. and a fixed gear bike that you can get full leg extension on. and if you really want to get funky on the jumps/drops, just use a quick release on the seatclamp so you can drop that mo-fo and raise it up to ride home. (or just use ur tool that I’m sure you’re carrying).