Tom LaMarche is Over 700cmx Apr 21, 2010

Yep. You heard it. The Delco cover child of 700cmx and I talked for a long time yesterday about fixed freestyle and wheel size. At the end of the conversation, he said he was “over it”.

Check out his explanation below.

He pretty much summed it up as “Why would I want to ride a 700c bike when I can just ride BMX?” and I can’t say that I disagree. I mean, look at how high he is there. Riding 700c wheels just limits your bunnyhop height. So what’s the answer? 26″ fixed? Nah.

The answer is TUCK IT UP SON! When I said “over it” I meant literally “over it”. Tom was hitting new heights on his 700c-equipped Scissor yesterday. Those aren’t small tires either. Big-ass 2″ 29’r tires. He must have done this a dozen or so times yesterday. Dude’s a beast. This is hands down the highest hop on a fixed gear, regardless of wheel size.

Since the other photos were slightly obscured by the handrail in the background, here’s another angle. Real talk. Next time maybe I’ll let him hop my Eddy Merckx.

A Day in 10 Photos: 04.20.2010

  • MaximumMatt

    Thats rediculous

  • 20 days too late on an april fools prolly! thanks for getting my hopes up

  • had me worried there for a moment! fixed 3 was the reason i started riding fixed on the street!

  • ahhhh you mf’er, you had me thinking Tom called it quits. Just like the news on TV, they rope you in with a shocking headline and it turns out to be far from expected. Good photos, those tires are monsters!

  • and I thought everyone said white guys have no hops?

  • Alex Johnson

    Hah I was really worried that he switched too, he’s the bunny-hop master with the 700c.

  • Jon

    Well played sir

  • Thats just stupid! Tom is my hero

  • *golf clap*

  • I love the Broad & Spring Garden spot, I live right down the street.

    What kind of stem do you have right now?

  • Wilis

    In these photos he is higher on his 700!

  • Anthony

    Wow, I just put some 38c tires on my bike the other day, and was just loving the fatter tires. I have always seen the 26″ wheels as something fishy, and Tom just solidified my loyalty to 700c wheels. Are those 29er tires on chukkers?

  • CC

    Good god. Tom is a beast.

  • Ryan M.

    Man oh man. What kind of rims does he have to run to fit those beasts on there?

  • Pwin


  • Burd

    That’s just ridonkulous. At least the “skid marks” on his shorts really are skid marks…

  • jkelley

    How is that Answer stem?
    those tires are huge, called big apples.
    he talks about his bike in this interview.

  • Fredi


  • mad respect.

  • Doug, still rocking that Answer Stem and Bars. Legitsssski!

  • Edward Scoble

    why oh why it’s called CMX?!?

  • Aren

    what is the height of your top tube Prolly?

  • It’s a joke. Perpetuated by blogs, etc. 700cmx just stuck even though there’s no “moto-cross”.

  • BOO YAH!

  • boring

    more merckx mondays, less bmx coverage please

  • Trim

    What if CMX stood for city mountain cross? That seems to fit the type of riding it’s progressing towards.

  • large bruiser on 700s what its that like 4 feet to the toptube.

  • wade

    The only thing with more hops than that is Stone’s Ruination ….

  • jbensonfong

    HAHA! 700cm…Witty!

  • this is still SO good! Tom is insane!


    i want buy this fixed…
    where can i look for this bike?????

  • On Your Left

    “large bruiser on 700s what its that like 4 feet to the toptube. Posted by Rich”

    … yeah cause Prolly is 8 feet tall. At least on the internet.