Times Up: Video of Cops Confiscating Bikes on Earth Day Apr 29, 2010

Remember that whole mess about the NYPD confiscating bikes along President Obama’s motorcade route? Well Times Up just published a video of officers removing bikes. Make sure you pay attention to the :45 second mark. Since the cop didn’t answer, I’ll do that for you: The NYPD does not care about Bike People.

Don’t believe me? Fine. But the court system definitely doesn’t!

Via Gothamist

NYPD Seen Confiscating Bikes Along Obama Motorcade Route
Smashed Out by the NYPD
NYPD Gives Doored Cyclist Two Tickets and Lets Driver Off the Hook

  • Pistolero 818

    Wow never thought that cops would do that, but it really shows how much they care.. No koo yo

  • bro

    ‘don’t steal bikes bro’

  • I don’t even live in a city anymore but seeing this still pisses me off. I hope everyone got their bikes back without some kind of bullshit fee.

  • Don’t some of those locks run around $100? Were people given new locks or given cash for their destroyed locks? I don’t really care about the ‘tax payers’ but it’s likely that the people who got their locks cut inadvertently paid the police to do so in a round about way.

  • ryan

    seeing that makes me not want to revisit nyc with my bike. what a bunch of pricks.

  • roccco

    one more reason to smile when you hear about the police getting shot at

  • This video needs forwarded to OSHA. None of those police were wearing proper face or ear protection. It would be a shame for taxpayers to have to pay disability to a COP who injured themselves because of lack of protective gear.

  • WTF?!? Does anybody know WHY they’re doing it? I havent found an explanation yet. Thanks.