The Grime: 420 Edit Apr 24, 2010

420 from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Here’s the latest edit from the Grime crew. All shot on April the 20th in NYC.


    props for the nipsey beat at the end.

  • judd

    holy shit!

  • very nice fellas.

  • aj

    love how mike edits. makes me want to do a texas beer30 edit

  • danny puckett

    really diggin that edit. is that shot on a hybrid slr?

  • D

    3:50, so sick.

  • HAMburglar

    what song is used for when theyre building the grime bikes

  • loud pipes-ratatat

  • germ

    ^ song is Loud Pipes by Ratatat

  • Boulabob

    I don’t get what’s the point of smoking herbs in FGFS vidz but nice edit!

  • Matt

    The part you don’t get is the point of 420!

  • Brody

    Well my 420 sucked, good stuff

  • its not a fgfs edit, its a herb holiday edit.