Team Flwrider: HK Hills / Blue Pool Run Apr 18, 2010

HK HILLS / Blue Pool Run from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

Now that’s a climb. Check out the latest from the Flwrider crew.

Blue Pool Road, in Happy Valley, geographically located in the middle of Hong Kong Island, is easily one of the steepest roads on the island. Hence the appearance this time of road bikes. The road starts of at the bottom of Happy Valley, near the racecourse and winds up going towards the back of the island gradually getting steeper towards the top, from a 1.5 to a 1.7 gradient. It not an easy climb, and we don’t envy the people who live on this road, but each time when we summitted it, its always a great feeling.

Thanks for sharing Joseph!

  • D

    Dang that looks very fun/painful.

  • Doug

    What? No the footage of Massan riding down this thing?

  • That hill climb is insane! I like the soundtrack a lot too.

  • chris

    I’m confused here. What do you mean by 1.5 gradient? Even if the hill is a 1.7 gradient you are only climbing 17 meters vertically for every kilometer. Thats not much of a hill at all. Watching the video makes it look steeper than that.