Slumworm: Revoked Premiere Photos Apr 5, 2010

SF Blogger, Slumworm, was at the Revoked premiere in SF this weekend, snapping photos of all the riders. This photo of Jakob Santos 180’ing the 6 (almost a 7) is so good. There’s also a nice little sequence of Kris from Locked Cog up as well. He’s got a ton more up on his blog, so check em out. What did everyone think of Revoked?

  • justin

    Revoked KILLED! east coast has no idea!

  • Thanks for the post. As long as you keep posting my photos I’ll keep em’ coming.

    The Revoked Premiere was amazing to say the least. Great soundtrack. I can’t seem to get the sound of Gus Molina snapping his fork, and eating the pavement out of my head.baha.

  • Brad

    Well if you are into bmx style fixed it cool…..

  • jkelley

    Yeah Gus snapped the frame. he went down hard. I heard there is a new part that we didn’t get to see in Long beach at the dtsd

  • thank you prolly for putting my picture up and revoked is sick just wait guys

  • coleenArleen

    suck my dick that video was a piece

  • thanks coleenarleen i appreciate your comment =] glad you feel that way

  • derek joseph

    coleenarleen…just be stoked you didnt have to buy it and got to see it for free:) haha you saved some money!