SJF to NYC Apr 12, 2010

SJF to NYC from Bukkake Bot on Vimeo.

These last two weeks brought in people from all over the world to NYC. I gotta tell you, it’s maddening! Sacramento, Stockholm, Paris, San Jose, Long Beach, SF and Canada. Sometimes, the worlds and people overlap and you end up with nice little gems like this edit from Bukkake or Die.

Nice one guys!

  • wilis

    My favorite edit from a nyc trip yet.

  • Kanon08

    That depicts the NY bike lifestyle perfectly. Well mine for that matter.

  • Terry B

    what did you do to Christian?

  • ^ first he was drunk, then his friend punched him in the nuts

    Glad you guys like it, thanks john!

  • Nice to Laura and girls with all the US FG community. Cheers and enjoy your trips girls!

  • 120spaced

    Fucking delightful-kudos!