Shadow Conspiracy Welcomes Ben Hucke Apr 26, 2010

Shadow Conspiracy Welcomes Ben Hucke from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Seeing shit like this makes me cringe! Ben’s a real ripper and he takes a really big hit in this short welcoming edit for Shadow Conspiracy. I must have watched this a dozen times. Look at how high his bike goes into the air!

Via The Come Up

  • kile

    shits that hurts to watch. looks like his bike took out a person to?

  • alex

    Ahhh. Now that brings back memories. Stupid cars!

  • holy shit this is insane! the bike takes out that lady too, what the fuck!

  • ian

    fucking cars! I want to hear the whole story on this.

  • Check it:

    the car rolled through a stop sign

  • due to this video and my scientific knowledge, i found aout that fixie+car collison= antigravity.

  • rogmaraton

    Do they welcome every rider like that? ;]

  • ouuuuuchhhhh! poor lady, hope she is okay.
    there is a interresting thing, after the lady impact the husband turn towards and feel angry against ben and not against the car….