Selle Italia Flite Returns Apr 24, 2010

NYC Velo ( @NYCVelo ) reports that the original Selle Italia Flite from 1990 has been re-issued in all its glory. Ti rails, smooth leather and all around 220 grams. Get one now for $140 at NYC Velo or ask your LBS to get some in stock!

  • Yeah, I noticed this on the catalogue at Ribble a little while ago. Looks almost exactly the same as the original – wonder if it is?

  • no one

    It never went away, it just wasn’t commonly available. That said, Quality Bike Products have been selling them for nearly a year, now.

  • I’ve never seen them in QBP. Not in the no-label, no gel, no anatomical shape. Seriously? QBP’s had em for a while?

  • Phil G

    I figured it was only a matter of time with the turbo’s being reissued and all. I wonder if they will issue some different colors. I love my old flite saddles. The newer ones are so…ugly.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Yup, he’s right. It’s #SA5014. Go down and beg your shop to get them in stock!!

  • Cam

    Chain Reaction Cycles had the original last year. Chris bought a brand new one for his Rush:

  • no one

    Yes, QBP has had the black ones for a while, and that ugly brown one forever. It’s still cheaper to buy gently or unused ones on eBay, though. Flites were extremely popular and have been widely produced for nearly twenty years, so it’s not like when the Turbo finally reappeared after everyone had been over-spending on eBay for years.

  • Well, you can very easily pick more or less used original Ti Flites from Ebay real cheap so this is not a biggie but cool news nonetheless. Nice saddle for road cycling ATMO.