Sasha’s Serotta Hors Categorie Apr 18, 2010

Photo by Sasha E.

Everyone has a friend like this. You know the type. They always have the most insane projects in the works and they’re totally secretive about it. One day, they’ll just upload some photos to their Flickr and you’re all like “Wow, that’s a nice bike”. A couple seconds later and you realize it’s theirs! Sasha’s kind of like that. Luckily for me, when they’re too big for him, they become mine.

This one in particular is different. I don’t think I could afford it! Sasha’s been workin on a new Spring build and it just so happens to be a Serotta Hors Categorie. Drooool all over your keyboards.

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  • Gordon

    DAMN! That’s absolutely gorgeous! Now I have to clean up this sticky mess on my keyboard…

  • is that a threadless adaptor on that thing? ive always wondered what that would look like/how well they would work. not sure how i feel about that little bit but overall a beautiful bike!

  • MG

    shouldn’t that red spoke be next to the valve stem?

  • J

    get those awful dampers off the seatstays… They have always been a pet peeve of mine…

  • wike

    Is it for sale?