Review: Black Breath – Heavy Breathing Apr 21, 2010


Discharge, Entombed and early Cave-In. That’s how I’d sum up Black Breath’s newest endeavor, Heavy Breathing. I first heard their 4-track EP Razor to Oblivion not too long ago after Southern Lord signed them. Expecting something completely different, I was pleasantly surprised by the Seattle-band’s approach to old school death and hardcore-infused thrash. I.e. not really Southern Lord’s forte. Heavy Breathing is a nostalgic trip back to your youth. All the bands you grew up listening to with a fresh new edge and face.

Check out the rest of my review of this album over at the Mishka Bloglin.

  • Travis Lee

    Yesssss! Black Breath is amazing, i saw them at a basement show a few months ago here in san jose and got their 12 inch

  • I just picked up this album as well – SO fucking brutal. And that first track off their EP – forget about it! As a side note, thanks for turning me on to Fukpig. That shit’s always in heavy rotation now.