Push it a Stop: Flip Clips vol. 2 pt. 1 Apr 5, 2010

flip clips vol. 2 pt.1 from scott marceau on Vimeo.

Scott Marceau makes such rad web edits for his blog Push it a Stop. For his ongoing series, Flip Clips, he’s dropping a two-parter on us. That means one thing; at the end of volume two, part two, he will have taken about 20 minutes of your life from you. It’s filled with all the jackassery you’d expect from bike guys and some classic references some of you may or may not know. MST3K anyone?

Check out Flip Clips vol. 2 pt. 1 above! Thanks to Adam22 for the heads up!

Push it a Stop: A Clubstep Remix
Push it a Stop: Flip Clips vol. 1
Peel Sessions with the Revival
Push it a Stop

  • aj

    the first few clips are at the san marcos skate park. who is this fool?

  • aj

    oh wait, these are them bmxFU fools. eric and i met them one day at TX state. nice dudes. talked funny. they from the north. i’m drunk. dick diaries.

  • x512x

    @Aj yeah I was gonna say those are the guys we met while eating bagels and rice crispy treats.

  • knarg

    the preview shot is the greatest part