Prototype Cinelli Mash Frame Apr 20, 2010

Box Dog Bikes snuck in a shot of Walton’s new Cinelli Mash prototype (those guys have leaked some pretty rad prototype photos in the past few weeks). As far as changes between this model and the previous model, their blog post says that the new prototype has a higher bottom bracket and a longer top tube. What about that fork?

  • Gordon

    A raw frame with orange graphics would be SICK!!

  • Patrick

    Looks like a stunner.

  • Terry B

    fuck the frame I want the cinelli/mash bar stem combo

  • chris c

    not crazy about that colorway. i think the grey frame was excellent. I’d like to see black with either white or red decals.

  • Santiago Belmont

    that fork looks like an alpina fork. (30mm rake) also the way theyre talking about higher bottom brackets, longer top tubes = Cannondale track 92′ 93′ ????

  • Clockcycle

    Looks like a Photoshopped Dawes SST AL Single Speed Track Bike.

  • im pretty sure the bar/stem is the integralter, paint removed.

  • bar stem combo is the integralter raw. they made a black and silver/raw, but i think waltons are the black ones that he striped. fork is definitely not the alpina. this colorway is on point then again ive got a thing for raw frames. waltons always got the sick whip.

  • prototype raw orange not the real production color

  • rick

    does anyone know when they are gonna be released for sale?

  • max

    i want those intergralter bars man,
    still a nice frame though