Prolly is not Probably: Photo Caption Contest 01 Apr 26, 2010

Photo by Chris Torres

Every once and a while something comes in across my inbox that just makes my day. Chris emailed this photo of his buddy Jeff doing a curb-endo on a dumpster. Well, more like a face-endo on a dumpster. I was originally going to just post it up with some witty caption underneath it but I figured I’d leave that up to you guys.

Leave a comment OR photoshop your entry and embed it in the comments section using the width=500 tag. If you want to do this, you can download a high-res version here. I’ll be more inclined to lean towards someone who photoshops their entry; hint hint. The best caption wins. What do you win? Whatever I can stuff into a flat-rate USPS box. I’ve got a mountain of stickers and other miscellaneous tidbits from sponsors sitting around. Not to be a pain, but US-addresses only.

Now… GO!

Edit: I’ll let this run through today and end it at Midnight Eastern Time.

  • Skamp

    Don’t ride trashed bro.

  • Abe

    The trick that gets all the girls.

  • rich baldwin


  • Nick

    “So this is where they keep the 26″ Wheels”.

  • Alex

    ” Dumpster Diving….you are doing it all WRONG”

  • Ben

    “I found Prolly’s blog in here!”

  • Jose

    And for my last trick.. I will eat trash from a dumpster.. without setting foot off my bike

  • Richard

    The tables have turned… New owner day!

  • Lian

    boom roasted

  • Jose

    Hold on guys.. I just need to throw up real quick.

  • MotionFu

  • Benson

    Hey what happened to your face?, I was doing this new trick

  • Burd

  • all i need to learn about fgfs i learned from this foto

  • Dick Chicken

    Trick Trash

  • or

    black and white photography make this nose bonk look classy

  • Cody

  • jam

  • Rui

    Just say no to drugs kids……the munchies can make you do strange things.

  • lyb611

    Uploaded with

  • edwin


  • Todd

    “…there…video done, now I’ll just add Band of Horses ‘The Funeral’ as the background music and I’ll totally get 17 million views on YouTube for sure.”

  • 3bazuka

    I Can Haz Pitted 2?

  • Ronnie

    Ridin Dirty

  • Bryan

  • gage romero

    thats the quickest way for him to get home…

  • gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Dima

    Dumpster x Endo
    Since Forever

  • Bill

    “Hey, someone didn’t recycle their Pabst cans!”

  • Dinosaur

    “I knew I left my penny in here somewhere.”

  • The new Volume Trasher.

  • HAHAHA. Sooo funny. I never knew Jeffy was this talented. Straight Shredding the dumpsters at the school down the street from our house.

  • pasco

    I got so faded last night, I’m doin roomspins and Puke-keos.

  • greg

  • Charlie

    Hipsters are no longer looking for vintage clothing at thrift stores.

  • Sam

    Hey, there’s a baby in here

  • Teddy

    “This smells almost as bad as Prolly’s pits!”

    just messing John

  • Teddy

    Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty”

  • dennis

    OH BOOBYTITS!!!!!!

  • rdrey


  • matts

    victor’s macaframa def takes the cake

  • Mike15^

    I could use some free stickers!

  • A.

    Oh my god, I FOUND NARNIA!

  • Miguel


  • Miguel, that one is GOLD!

  • sau

    @victor holy cow that made me laugh so hard. thank you friend.

  • Barry

  • T

  • trashcastle

    ‘ay bro check this shit, first shot’

  • Brett D


  • ms

  • ms

  • Burd

    Ha ha, you guys are all fucking geniuses. This shit’s hilarious.

  • rolli

  • steveisskinny

    reasons not to rip ass while riding #1: you might get too much boost while doing an endo against a dumpster.

  • Jayson

    “Aye check this out… i found some more mash sf dvd’s.”

  • hellachunky

    muwahhahaa. ” Need sum dumpsta calories before i ride”

  • SamSam

    This is why I removed the front brake…

  • logan

  • um, you’re doing it wrong…..

  • GoofOff


  • brett d

    quote @steveisskinny
    “reasons not to rip ass while riding #1: you might get too much boost while doing an endo against a dumpster.”