Prolly is Not Probably: April Fools Suckers! Apr 1, 2010


Come on now. You really think I’d go to 26″ fixed? Not that there’s anything wrong with 26″ wheels, just not my thing at the moment. Thanks for everyone’s comments and I gotta say, I was a little surprised that so many people fell for it and that so many people caught on. Definitely the best April fools post I’ve done so far!

Prolly is Not Probably: Sun Ringlé & Profile Fixed Wheelset Giveaway
When 700cmx is No Longer 700c: the 26″ vs. 700c Debate

  • pos! hahaaaaa got me

  • HAHAHA!!! Spot on!

  • d.patrick

    after reading this the other week:

    When 700cmx is No Longer 700c: the 26″ vs. 700c Debate

    i had an idea what you where up to.

  • SandCrab

    Well played man.

  • Man I was hopping you’d let this go all day and “announce the winner” later tonight. I lol’d at how many people sent pics!

  • Faceman

    credit to ya for the prank. i was lookin forward to a new wheelset.

  • dstro

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. good shot

  • i knew it!

    you couldnt handle the dual 26″ yet anyway big poppa.
    maybe some day though.

  • Craig

    I thought of this about half an hour after I posted my pics…as in, when I looked at my phone and was like “shiiiiiiiiittt…”

  • ed

    u shoulda waited until late tonight….woulda been great to see all the posts/comments

  • Yeah well I was approving comments via my iPhone and it was getting to be a hassle! haha.

  • had to lol at all the suckers. john would roll hentai disc wheels before 26s

  • radam

    2nd time i was fooled today
    man i feel dumb haha

  • I loved wonkas comment “good to have you aboard”. LOL

  • aaaah, i stomped my wheels out in hopes to win! noooo!

  • Sam

    You ass. Lol. Good one man. At least I got to post a pic of myself face up next to my taco’d polo bike.

  • Andyg

    damn. nice prank

  • And you got me as well :-( I fell as stupid as girl thinking you could come in her mouth without ejaculating…haha
    Nice work!