Pluto Bicycle Bell Apr 17, 2010

Every year, Copake, NY hosts a swap meet. Bikeville was at the most recent swap and while there, they caught a glimpse at one of the rarest bicycle bells. Dubbed the “Pluto” bell in catalogs, this bell has an engraving of a devil on it. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while!

  • razimere

    Pluto IS the devil!

  • No… Really?

  • Duvel

  • Chris FTW.

  • Will

    I have one for sale. (Pluto bell)

    • Michael Trnka

      You do

      • Michael Trnka

        How much do you want for it trnkami1978 at yahoo message me

    • Will

      Yes I have one for sale. It’s the bell only missing mechanism. It would be a nice bell to restore.