Pentabike: Handlebar Muststash Apr 19, 2010

Words cannot describe how cool this is. Utilizing every nook and cranny on your bike to hold your extra items is always a challenge. Sometimes you just don’t have room in your jersey pocket for your patch kit or a mid-ride snack. Now thanks to Pentabike‘s new Handlebar Muststash bar ends, you’ll never have this problem again. Simply pack the bar-end with whatever and pop it into place for safe keeping. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Head on over to Pentabike to check out all the details. The guys are only making 24 for their first run, so if you’re interested in picking one up, now’s your chance. Many thanks to Stevil for the heads up!

  • Ryan

    That’s awesome…but lets be honest, those dimensions can really only accommodate a dub and not much else.

    No snack that small would ever sustain me. It would only succeed in pissing me off post stow- away smoke.

    Happy Holidays

  • digital goatee

    i can keep 4 valium in it as long as theyre stacked. wow.

  • Harry

    Mid 90’s eS Muska shoes.

  • Craig

    I know a guy who uses this, it’s pretty awesome, actually. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my bullhorns.

  • Maple

    they need to make one with an integrated pipe

  • Maple

    they need to make one with an integrated pipe

  • pentabike

    it has an integrated pipe and ships with 6 o-rings to allow for field adjustments.

  • pentabike

    The MUSTSTASH IS complete with an integrated pipe and fits bar I.D’s between 17-21 mm.

    Additional mods can be made to fit other sizes if you have half of a brain left and an extra .49 cents for larger o-rings at your local ACE hardware store.

    The unit ships complete with 6 O-rings of varying sizes and thickness for the main body and allows for adjustability depending on your specs.