Peel Sessions 04.08.10 Apr 10, 2010

It almost looks like this could be a self-portrait but Ed Glazar, from BikeNYC took this at Peel Sessions last Thursday. Compared to last week’s gathering, this week’s was really low key. I was borrowing Luke‘s lens when this photo was taken and you can see what I shot from the evening here, at my Flickr.

  • TOM

    Trucker hats and tie dye shirts? Come on you’ve only been unemployed for a week.

  • Aren

    i have been trolling this blog for a while, and i think this is my be the first time in years where i have seen that you must have shaved. the internet is strange how it makes you feel like you can know somebody, especially when you have never met them before.

  • matts

    What kind of lens is that?

  • yo, what canon is that? I want some specs!

  • I’ll ask Luke what lens it is. Re: the shaving. It was 90 degrees the day before. Time to shave!

  • Fuck the lens and camera! That shirt is SICK!

  • you look too happy shaven… no more tough guy dubstep womper?