Outlier Spring Collection Two Apr 22, 2010

Illustration by Andrew Hague

Don’t miss out on Outlier‘s Spring Collection Two release. Here’s all the info:

Clean, simple and ever closer to perfect. That’s what Outlier is striving for, a 21st Century vision of menswear. With their second spring 2010 release they present a new array of future classic garments. Locally produced in New York City and Newark using premium performance and menswear fabrics.

The Pivot Sleeve Shirt
A lean cut dress shirt completely restructured to open up new ranges of motion.

Spring Storm Caps
The classic bicycle cap redone using a waterproof and breathable Loro Piana wool.

Super 100 Caps
Super 100 (and 120) grade suiting wool plus a proper lined cap construction makes for a cycling cap that will last generations not seasons.

Ultrafine Merino Polo
Ultrafine merino’s supple hand, breathability and moisture wicking core make for an essential piece for the casual yet active man.

Ultrafine Merino V-Neck
So soft you barely know it’s on, a baselayer with merino’s natural oder resistance and dry yet lux skinfeel.

The whole line looks great. Good job guys!

Outlier Spring Collection One

  • who did that drawing?

  • aqp

    C’mon. These prices are outrageous. 15 million people unemployed in the Sates and some fufu motherfucker is gonna be wearing an $80 cycling cap with a $57 keychain on their beltloop? Don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades.

  • How about “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”

  • aqp

    All I’m saying is that we need companies to think of the majority of us in America who are broke. They can produce this expensive stuff, but why not also offer a lower priced line as well? Most of us don’t get free product and cannot afford such high end items.

    BTW, I love Outlier’s design and aesthetic.

  • flip

    I agree w/ aqp. Damn shame that they can’t produce something a little less expensive. Looks nice tho..