NOS Somec ProMAX Apr 26, 2010

If that morning coffee isn’t waking you up, check out this Somec. It’s not just any Somec either. This puppy is NOS and made from the legondary Columbux MAX tubeset. Fillet-brazed (of course, since they didn’t have any lugs for it) and painted to look like a video game from the 1980’s, this Somec will surely turn heads. Leave it to the Aussie smuggler to bring this to our tables this fine (and wet) Monday morning.

On a related note, Columbus has re-issued to the MAX tubeset. If you’re in the market for a custom bike, be sure to look into acquiring some. It’s the nicest tubing I’ve ever ridden and it’d be an awesome track tubeset. They haven’t put it on the site yet, but it’s in stock and ready to ship! Oh and there’s an SL 2009 tubeset too!

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