News Flash: Schwinn Sponsored MTB Stoners Apr 15, 2010

Distortion and feedback aside, people that mountain bike are usually “420 friendly”. Take Jeff at Bike Jerk‘s latest bike porn tidbit post. Before Jeff was doing barspins on fixed gears (or twenty six fixed rather), he was sponsored by Schwinn for MTB racing. One of the perks of a sponsorship is “dope” flow. Take this water bottle for instance. Looks like a normal bottle until you look at the details. Yes, God is in the details!

  • tpearl

    420-247 FTW

    Sounds like my kinda crew.

  • shyam

    24/7 so that’s 4:20(1) x 2 for each day x 7 days that’s 14 bowls a week, which is 728 bowls a year, wow i want to be a mountain bike racer