New Track Machine: 2010 Felt TK2 Apr 17, 2010

So this season I’ll be racing at our local track, Kissena. To help me out in getting my ass handed to me, Ben’s Cycle hooked up a 2010 Felt TK2. It’ll be my first race-specific bike I’ve owned (no barspins) and I’m more than pumped to make it out to the track. Opening weekend is Saturday, May 1st so if you plan on racing this year, head over to Bike Reg to get signed up.

  • Hell yea!!! Have fun on that beast!

  • Ginja Ninja

    I have a 58 from 07 and with a 23 on the front you CAN do barspins

  • not with drops!

  • Tasan

    Are you going to get a Mishka racing kit, with eyeballs and death adders and monsters all over it?

  • Cltfxed

    Nice bike. What size gear you gonna run for the track?

  • kevin

    inverted drops. crackhead steez.

    I didn’t realize Felt hooked up the TK2 so well. It’s got a schmorgusboard of awesome parts.

  • Russell

    Most excellent adventures await you upon the oval!

  • “randomly” enough, a good friend races the same bike at adt in l.a.

  • Phil G.

    I’ve got an 07 TK2 and I love it. Super tight, but lots of toe overlap. I’m really thinking about signing up for the track this year, but I’m clueless when it comes to track etiquette. I need a lesson or 10.

  • Wilis

    SICK! I was wondering if you were going to race your Merckx.
    I was looking at one of these the other day.

  • mike

    I’ve been wondering how tk3 would handle on the street… the tk2 is just too expensive to beat up but the tk3? hmmmm

  • Gordon

    Hey, prolls, just out of curiosity, what category do you race in?