My Orange Box: Stop Honking Tees Apr 7, 2010

I’m not convinced this will actually work. If you’ve lived in NYC long enough, chances are you’ve already learned to block out the honking cars. People here just love conflict and the drivers are complete assholes about cyclists. I think a shirt like this will just antagonize drivers even more.

Here’s what My Orange Box has to say about it:

As New York bicyclists we are constantly exposed to the noise pollution of honking cars. This T-shirt is meant to be worn as an active call for car drivers to stop honking.

Who knows, maybe it’ll work? The shirts are $15 plus shipping, check them out here.

  • Joe

    I feel that shirt will only piss the drivers of more. The best way to handle them is to treat them like the white noise that can only really be found in NYC.

  • mullingitover

    This shirt needs to say ‘honk if you love bikes.’ Then when people honk at you, throw ’em the horns.

  • what if it said “please” afterwards? politeness sometimes works…

  • Keith

    Or “Honk if you’re an idiot”.

  • Big Mike

    HA!! I second the “Honk if you’re an idiot” !! that should keep them busy for a while…

  • Yeah, that will definitely make people honk more. (I know I’d honk more.) If you can pass up that opportunity, you’ve got no sense of humor.

    But “keep honking if you’re a moron” sounds like it would work great!

  • ian

    I get the feeling that asshole drivers who are given to honking and would otherwise not otherwise honk at you at one particular moment would do so when they see that shirt.

  • tristan

    Honestly, honking means they see you, which means they’re more than likely NOT going to hit you.

    You don’t get creamed by a car that is honking at you.

  • I like the “Honk if you’re an idiot”.
    Maybe that will become our version number two…

    Otherwise, I have worn this shirt a few times and the honking does not increase. A couple of times I got a truck driver doing a multiple slight honk. Insinuating more of a “hello”. Which at least suggests an awareness of me as a bicyclist.