Merckx Mondays Apr 5, 2010

Photo via Pino Morroni’s Flickr

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the completion of this build for some time now. For months, the Flickr user under the name Pino Morroni, has been collecting parts for his 62cm Eddy Merckx Pista. It’s a lengthy process, making sure the build it perfect the first time around and he really dialed it in. It’s definitely a worthy track machine. I simply love the paint!

For next week’s Merckx Mondays, I’ll have my review of Eddy Merckx’s Podio pedals completed, so don’t miss that!

  • Craig

    That’s a loooong head tube. I usually think 60+ cm machines look like comfort bikes for some reason, but this thing looks quick. Great build.

  • classwar

    bent fork? :(

  • Not hardly. That’s how they “look”.

    and here’s an old catalog photo.

  • That build is so clean. Gotta love the chrome detailing!

    Have you seen this nonsense yet?

  • Hot pink…you don’t see that every day. Nice.

  • Very pretty bike, I wonder if this is going to be a daily commuter or just for the track.