Men’s Journal Magazine May 2010 Cyclocross Fashion Shoot Apr 15, 2010

Men’s Journal Magazine May 2010 Cyclocross Fashion Shoot from Dylan Coulter on Vimeo.

I love when readers send in stuff like this with the subject line “I know you like Cyclocross”. Well, it’s true, CX looks like fun even though I’ve never raced it. Men’s Journal Magazine must think the same thing. For their May 2010 issue, they’re featuring an article on Cyclocross Fashion. Yes, supposedly, there is such a thing and here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

  • Oh christ, I worked at MJ/RS/US magazines for 12 years. More lovingly referred to as ‘Mens Urinal’ by the staff, they would always have wicked bikes lying around randomly in their area. Which I would take full liberty with after hours by flying around the office trying not to skid on the carpets or crash into any of the artwork. Pedestrians were still a problems tho. My favorite daily rider was a mini full suspension Razor bicycle which I still own to this day..