Matt Lingo: Isaac Water Skid Apr 22, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo’s in the ideal situation in the fixed gear world. He takes great photos and everyone’s dialed into his postings on Gatt Photos. Anything he shoots is definitely going to be posted by all the blogs and rightfully so. Case in point is this re-worked older photo of Isaac skidding in the water. How sweet is that?!

Matt, this is desktop material my friend!

  • ian

    what a great silhouette

  • Sam

    What a coincidence, this has been my wallpaper for a couple months now! Great shot, Matt.

  • I’d love to see that photo as it was shot before whatever editing was done to it.

  • Thanks for the kind words! I uploaded a hi-res that’s suitable for a desktop here:

    As far as the original goes there’s not a whole lot different. I shot it in color, and mirrored the ground on the left side of the frame to match the right so it’d balance out more.