Mårten’s D.A.M.P. Butterbean Apr 6, 2010

I took some photos of Mårten’s D.A.M.P. Butterbean today before the guys left for Stockholm. It’s a unique bike, to say the least. Being the 1st prototype, Per has a lot to work out, but for the most part, the design intent is there. I gotta admit, I wasn’t entirely convinced when I saw it a few months back. After seeing it in action all week and riding it a little bit, I’m pretty stoked to see how the final run turns out. As you can see above, a big fat tire will fit in the rear, but the wishbone seatstay limits the size. One of the improvements Per will implement is more clearance here.

Check out more photos below.

That’s a 48c tire in the rear and as you can see, there’s plenty of room to go bigger on the sides of the chainstays. Mårten says he’d go bigger if he could clear the wishbone seatstay.

Here’s a shot of the drivetrain.

The same issue he has with the wishbone stays, he has with the fork. It’ll also be fixed on the final production run. The front end has two gussets, one on the top tube and one on the down tube, both are slightly hidden from view here.

One of the things all these 700c fixed freestyle bikes have that I love so much is a great front profile.

Here’s the side profile. By dropping the top tube and seat stay intersection, Per was able to increase the stand-over of the frame. As he’s shown us in the past, D.A.M.P. is all about experimental frame geometry. If all goes as planned, Per will have a new prototype for Jakob to ride and eventually, he’ll put the D.A.M.P. Butterbean into production. He doesn’t have a website up quite yet, but when he does, I’ll post an update. Thanks for letting me shoot your bike Mårten!

Mårten from Sweden with his DAMP Butterbean
D.A.M.P. Butterbean

  • Really sick bike; looks fun! Those are 48s?! Look way smaller on that frame than they do on my Kilroy. Of course I ride a 50, so that might be why. What size frame is that bad boy?

  • Bike Mike

    Yeah, I need a new frame, but I’ve been waiting for something with better clearance for some 700c with fatties of 26″ers with 2’s…

    Maybe I’ll have to wait till I go to Japan next time and try to bring back a Durcus “Stylin”. That may hold me over.

  • Eilif Knutson

    I was hoping he had that thing jammed right into the bottom bracket shell. I would have loved to hear your feedback on that since i am in the process of getting ready to cut down the rear end of my cutter and have a local frame builder help me get that rear wheel jammed.