Macaframa: New York Trip Apr 25, 2010

Macaframa New York Trip from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

What a great edit. A few weeks ago the Macaframa crew was in NYC. This is what they pulled together from their trip. It’s one of the best NYC tourist edits I’ve seen.

  • dag

    Freestyle touristing. Awesome.

  • GBG

    you guys rode to coney and took the train back. I’m sorry, but coming from Brooklyn, the ride from the city to coney aint that far…the 10 miles back to the east village too far you guys?

  • Jake Ricker

    Oh come on!
    Riding trains is fun too! :)

    This edit ruled!

  • marton jean

    hi! good video!
    do you know what’s the title of the music?

  • whizz

    At the begining 0:14 there are some hungarian words :)
    It really suprised me and I’m from Hungary.