Los Boyz: Fixed Gears in the Streets of Puerto Rico Apr 5, 2010

los boyz from Salvador de Bayamón on Vimeo.

Xavier Medina just wrote me an awesome email about the blossoming Fixed scene in Puerto Rico. There are only thirteen people who ride fixed gears in his city. Out of those thirteen, about six or seven of them ride on a daily basis. Bikes in general are not popular in the streets there and it’s difficult to find a bike shop that carries them, or even knows how to work on a fixed gear!

Xavier, that’s a rad story. I think I speak for all the readers of this blog when I say thanks for sharing homie!

  • Migs

    Hate to be the post police, but “his country” is the United States, as Puerto Rico is United States territory. How Else would you have ended up with the west side story. : )

  • No, that’s totally fine. I meant to say “city” but whatever. Thanks for catching that.

  • Well his country is still PR… as PR is an island among many in the Antilles/West Indies with a unique cultural heritage all its own. PR has its own government, and we only consider it a Commonwealth – as we annexed it voluntarily after Spain took out in the late 1800s. Thus, it is not a “United State”. We do not consider PR part of the US as we do not consider PR part of either the 48 contiguous or 2 outlying territories. Hate to break it to ya, the US don’t own everything =)

  • Migs

    “Puerto Rico is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States” As a Puerto Rican, you fly the American flag, call Barack Obama your president, are born with full American citizenship, use American currency, the USPS, military defense, communications, labor relations, welfare etc. Being from Puerto Rico and growing up in NY I know many Puerto Ricans that are indignant, of US affairs with the island (including but most certainly not limited to nuclear testing after the 2nd world war on a small island of its coast), but Puerto Rico is most certainly NOT a country, and is totally dependent on its status within the United States. Now back to the bikes!

  • Wow guys, really? How bout that video… :-P

  • wow, thanks a lot for posting this video prolly!
    I think its the only fixie video coming out from our streets. too bad we lost the original footage, we never actually finished the video. its an honor to see our video on this blog. this is good motivation to keep `em coming.

    much love!

  • hahahaha

    That’s an awesome video though!

  • armio


    y que viva el bicijangueoooo

  • illei

    well about the status whatever !! that doesn’t mean we can’t ride here !! lol

    thanks prolly for posting the crew “el corrillo” of los boyz

    excellent blog peace

  • ty

    yeahh lo boyzz representando!!
    the status of these little island has always been a problem so relax on politics we are happy that the bikes are happening slow but steady!
    prolly tanx for the support!

  • Je.

    El Poet representing…fuck yeaaaaaaaah!

  • SandCrab

    Hell yeah, keep on keepin on guys!

  • 13

    wao mano, yo soy de Bayamoan y estoy buscando una fixie pero no encuentro :( vivo por Plaza del Sol, de que al lado del paseo lineal. Si saben donde puedo conseguirme una fixie mandenme un email a [email protected] por favooor, yo me transporto por patineta pero la textura de la carretera no me deja correr mucho.

  • alx

    the video is down. try http://vimeo.com/17288490