London 2012 Olympic Games: Cycling Apr 21, 2010

Transport for London, in conjunction with the 2012 Olympics has issued a series of proposed posters, each representing one of the events. Here’s the cycling poster and the graphic design looks spot-on. I like it a lot better than the official 2012 Track Racing graphic, that’s for sure.

Via AtIssueJournal

  • I fully agree. It almost seems as teh two are opposite in message; this looks like a track race while the other looks like hill climbing. Even more so, Tron.

  • TuneNewm

    That poster is very well done… the track one, like you said is a little lackluster ha ha i dont like that one at all

  • Rickey Butler

    The 2012 graphics are terrible. They are illegible and the colors make my eyes hurt. Shame on you…whoever picked these.

  • Awesome stuff. I believe that this poster (along with a series of others) was designed by a student named Alan Clarke, from the University College Falmouth in the UK. Watch out for him in the future!

  • That’s a fantastic design… it’s perfect.

  • kcy

    looks fast! that’s what i like about it. the track graphics are fugly!

  • Ooh, that is nice! (And damn you for making me click through to the official graphics again – it’s like getting rickrolled. Fuck they’re ugly.)

  • wade

    my eyes are bleeding after the jump … but the transport one is soothing them …