Locked Cog: Slam Your Seat Apr 28, 2010

slam your seat. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

Kris and the Locked Cog crew are always putting out edits and putting in work. Here’s their latest one filled with falls and broken saddles. It’s ok to keep your saddle high Kris!

  • slam it. fuck leg extension, ride standing like a boss

  • boss

    right mike so lets see 26″ wheels, check, pegs, check, slammed saddle, check, standing whike you pedal, check. if you rode a dj it’d look a lot better. i dont get where everyone expects your fixie tricks to go. there not going to look any better until you go freewheel. you should ride one it may change ur mind

    pedaling all the time is already ugly and not sitting on a fix is even worse. ride like a boss, go get a mountain bike with a freewheel

  • uhhhh, there is nothing fixed gear about a free wheel, the point of this new progession of freestyle riding is to push the limits of what can be done on a fixed drive train, not necessarily a “track frame”, fuck traditional track bike specs for tricks. sure they are great for speed, but thats not what we need right now. “tricktrack” will die out and freestyle fixed will stay.
    it doesnt matter what looks less ugly, as long as kids are having fun.

  • danny

    I enjoy the Grime videos Mike but I fail to see anything specific to the fixed gear in them. Your just doing a lot of tricks that were made popular by new yorks street bmx scene.