Joshua Boothby: Ridin’ Dirty Apr 21, 2010

ridin drity from joshua boothby on Vimeo.

Joshua’s at it again with this edit. The footjam nose pivot at the :55 second mark and the 180 to half cab at the 1:00 mark are nuts! Keep em coming Josh!

11 Before Almost 24 Hours

  • I don’t get it. He is reppin LEADER but riding an SE.
    what’s going on??

  • fish and chips

    Shitting on fools since……2 weeks ago. the first 11 hours he shit big haha.

  • tyler Johnson

    Still think he needs a wayy bigger bike. The tricks were cool, but bike size is not. Keep pumpin em out!

  • dude

    he use to have a se but he broke that frame,now hes on a leader