Isyar x Katrina Apr 22, 2010

Isyar x Katrina from Andy Nguyen on Vimeo.

Here’s a fun little edit that Andy Nguyen forwarded to me. Details below:

Zenta of Isyar / Quamen Bikes decided to flow one of Souplesses featured rider Katrina Medina. She got a fresh frame, bars, stem and headset cap. The frame is their final version of their commuter frame called Ardour. Very tight geometry and very ridged strong construction. A freestyle track frame is in the works at the moment. News of the new freestyle frame will be found at Isyar / Quamen and Souplesses

All I gotta say is more girls riding please!

  • aj

    when girls do tricks its like a new level of hotness. me love you long time girl.

  • She’ll be legal in a few years, so get your game ready till then hahaha

  • hey thats gross, you ain’t getting this.