Hypebeast TV: Outlier Tailored Performance Apr 5, 2010

Cycling in the City: Outlier Tailored Performance from hypebeast.tv on Vimeo.

Hypebeast.tv put together a great video on my good friends at Outlier. Take the time to watch it, unlike the other videos that have showcased the brand, this one’s only 4 minutes long. There’s even some sneak peeks into some of their sample articles and you haven’t tried some of their garments, you really should. I picked up a pair of the new workwear pants on Sunday and man, these things are some of the nicest fitting pants I’ve ever owned. They even look great with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Make sure if you’re in NYC on a Saturday to swing by their Showroom!

Tramnesia: Outlier Making of a Shirt Part 1 of 10
NYC Shop Visit: Outlier’s Brooklyn Showroom

  • dag

    I’ve got a pair of climbers. Amazing pants. Way expensive, but when you put them in the ranks of similarly crafted mountaineering and trekking pants with the same tech, from big brands like Arc’teryx and Mountain Hardware, I’d say they’re actually priced pretty competitively.

  • d.patrick

    Am i finally seeing some jackets being made in there? nice!! ill take one please.

  • Luke

    Looks like a nice rain jacket on the way. The whole concept of this company gets me so stoked. I just wish I wasn’t so frickin’ poor!

  • Ryan

    Love it…just can’t afford a single piece of their collection.

    By comparison the Nari/ Furi and CCP stuff that Chari & Co. occasionally gets in is still cheaper, and if I’m not mistaken that stuff is shipped from elsewhere.

  • bkaspr

    outlier is legit! for those who are complaining about the price… add up all the pants you’ve blown out over the years because of cycling… I rest my case.

  • stevemcgee99

    Great choice in music.
    If I was working instead of watching videos I could afford it. But, I won’t buy pants until I get Outliers. Hope thieves don’t find my spare cash envelope I’m using to save up.

    Definitely worth it to only buy good stuff and never buy crap again. It saves money in the long run for sure, and I’m psyched about everything I own.