Heather Muller on CNN: Biking in the Big Apple Apr 7, 2010

Here’s a nice little clip I just came across on CNN.com about “Biking in the Big Apple”. Kind of a typical news report about the life of a bike messenger, but great exposure for Heather and a nice moneyshot of her Squarebuilt frame. It’s not often female cyclists are profiled in the news, so big ups to Heather!

  • she said it haha “i love the fast pace” haha!

  • x512x

    Heather is awesome! Def big ups to her on CNN coverage!

  • What she says seems so obvious! She is the right girl…
    cool Heather

  • They also had some coverage of e-bikes taking off in Beijing…legendary for its transformation from all-bike utopia to car-clogged super metropolis–now a bicycle fight-back of sorts? Recharging bikes from coal-fired electricity plants may not be the answer though.

  • mike

    8-15 runs per day? does she have a trust fund?

  • She’s so hott.

  • sewbags

    i like it. it´s a mix between a messenger and the speech that cycling is healthy and there are more cyclists everyday.

    good for heather, good fo bikes.


  • d.patrick

    i want to know where she got that catlike helmet.

  • that girl rules. would hang out with her.

  • Gordon

    Sweet vid.

  • ben

    catlike is now distributed in the us. look it up. ’bout to get one myself..