Grunt5: Red Bull Mini-Drome at All Track Apr 5, 2010

Mini Drome through the eyes of Grunt5 from Grant Davis on Vimeo.

I’ve been searching Vimeo all morning for videos from the Red Bull Mini-Drome event at last weekend’s All Track in New Zealand. Out of all the ones out on the web at the moment, Grunt5‘s is looking the freshest. After seeing the other edits, looks like people had a fun time. Anyone else think it looks kinda weird riding on it? Something about the pedal stroke to flat distance. Anyway, I’m sure everyone had a blast riding it.

Big ups to Red Bull and Steadyrollin’! How were the rest of the All Track events?

All Track 2010: Red Bull Mini-Drome Teaser
All Track 2010 Teaser
All Track 2010

  • doug

    Not that interesting. This, on the other hand:

  • C

    holy. shit.

  • C

    HPR is all fine and dandy, but it won’t fit in my living room

  • Ukiah

    Looks SUPER awkward to ride on… I was sort of expecting the transition between the hip and the flats to be smoother, so there wasn’t that huge speed drop when you hit that tiny bit of flat… And that gap on the right that the girl and guy got stuck in and beefed it on sorta seems needlessly. I was kinda hoping for some crazy motorcycle in huge metal ball style riding where you could just go round and round forever, looks like a LOT of fun though, regardless. I’d love to have a shot at it.

  • wilis

    Looks like it was made for 20′ fixed or polo bikes. Looked really fun/limited to ride.
    Can’t understand how someone won a pair of Eastons for that but whatevs when is is coming to NYC? I’m sure kids will want to session on it!

  • Fred Face

    That looks ridiculous, they should of have used 20″ fixed bikes.

  • muzzle

    The track was super fun, my best lap was 3.10 seconds by the looks of the Steady Rolling timings. It was all about keeping a steady pace and keeping on the track – many of us pushed the limit a little bit too far and found out the hard way. Good times had by all!

  • alex

    Yeah I totally agree. That transition looked to “un-natural”. Don’t get me wrong I would have loved to have a go at it, it’s just by the manner in which the riders were moving it looked as thought they were on a ramp that was not meant to be ridden.

    Poor design maybe? A little more engineering here might have gone a long way.

  • LeMouth

    Please tell me somebody skated this.

  • Lester

    The transition wasnt actually that bad to ride, it was all about selecting the right line, which if you shrunk a regular velodrome it would be too. Maybe some minor tweaks but all in all it was sweet imho.
    Small gearing was the key, I was a bit overgeared but it still worked out ok.

    Checkout some more pics and write up: