Gnarpark Edit Apr 19, 2010

Gnarpark! from Beaver on Vimeo.

Them Cali boys always bring the best web edits. A lot of clean lines in here and there’s nothing funnier than fakie crashes (1:22 mark). One quick question though; is that orange PK Ripper a prototype?

  • Julian M.

    orange PK is the 2010 DC Ripper colorway, nothing new.

  • johnson

    the ripper isnt a prototype its the DC collaboration

  • The SE rep for my shop said that the orange pk rippers (2010) our now avaliable. so no prototype, just an orange and white version of their existing frame. The 2010’s do come with chukkers though.

    also, grossest song in an edit to date.

  • Pili

    I do not think this is a prototype, look at this:

  • jokester

    I think prolly was joking about the organe SE. remember the gorilla edit where wonka said the killroy was a proto thats why it was orange. funny man that prollz is. lol

  • its orange for a reason!

  • not a prototype but they added a gusset on the down tube.

  • sweeeeeeeet

    i bet the neighbors love these kids.. is that the burbs or the ghetto cant ever tell with those cali houses