Get Your Tan On: Nashville Alleycat April 17th Apr 8, 2010


If it’s in the 90’s in NYC, it’s gotta be brutal already down south. Head out to the Get Your Tan On Alleycat in Nashville next weekend!

  • eloist

    Stoked! We had a blast doing this last year. Spray tan and hipsters for the win.

    Followed by 3 kegs at Halcyon Bike Shop.

    Come one, come all…

    Nashville represent.

  • ben

    funny thing is proll we aren’t burning up yet.. it’s beautiful for the short time that spring exists in the south…

  • Damn is she going to be there?

  • CC

    Not to be “that guy” but the girl in the photo is effing beautiful.

    Also, wish I could make it to nashville!