Gary Wilpizeski: Water St. Sessions Apr 16, 2010

Photo by Gary Wilpizeski

Damn! What a way to start the day off! Gary was out at Water St. Sessions in Philly last night taking photos of everyone riding and he caught Tom tucked up over this ghetto box jump. Great shot man! Nasty X-Up too!

Check the rest out here.

  • aj

    diggin that x-up tommy! and little steve getting down to… i’ll be in philly before BFF i’ve decided. Delco + Braco = petco = we need punx backpatches.

  • Word AJ! Cant wait to show you Delco and how us niggaz be gettin downnnnnnn

  • Thanks for the post, man. Philly/Delco/etcetc killing it as usual!