Fyxomatosis Chainring and NYC Apr 25, 2010

A friend of mine was overhauling his bike this week and in the process, replaced his chainring, cog and chain. This is what his Fyxomatosis ring looked like after a year of riding in NYC’s weather. Not bad! I love how you can see where his MKE Stout was installed.

Time to pick a new one up!

  • Jon

    I dunno…for a hundred bucks I’d like a ring that lasts more than a year!

  • It was bent… and well, the ring wasn’t “designed” for grinding with a chainring guard. The teeth wear is fine though. If it were straight still, he’d still ride it.

  • jon

    Hammer and vise time!

  • sau

    may there be a larger, more detailed resolution of that chainring?

  • Did you click on that image? It’ll pop-up a 1200px wide photo

    or there’s this one:

  • Barry

    That’s 100 Australian dollars, Jon. Can’t be more than what, $12.75 Amerrrcan, right?

    (Either way, just consider it as subsidizing Andy’s photo shoots. It’ll make ya’ feel better.)

  • Jon

    $90 something Canadian+the fear that Canada Customs will sit on it for a couple months before I even get it. Those bastards don’t seem to want to give me tyres that I ordered from Chicago! I do like his pics though!