Fred Askew Photography: Brooklyn Pavé Ride Apr 12, 2010

Photo by Fred Askew Photography

As I mentioned in my Event Recap, Fritz was out with us during the Brooklyn Pavé Ride. He recently uploaded a few photos from his time to this gallery site. Check them out and look at this dude in the full Merckx kit. Nerd!

  • you wear all that… fruity.


  • It was a themed ride kiddo. From when the pros used to ride steel bikes and yes, dress like that. Sans the helmet and backpack.

  • kevin

    jmik shut the fuck up already. props to prolly and crew for riding this. what were you doing that day. drinking pbr and polishing your hed3?

  • chill dude, we make fun of eachother all the time. we’re cool. and i give props when props are due, he even had the merckx shoes (which are siiiiiick btw). john, your wrist okay now?

    OH, and i was downing sierra torpedo and polishing my 80’s torker. >:]