Exustar Cycling: Touring Shoes Apr 14, 2010


Exustar makes cycling shoes. Road, Track, MTB and Touring. Their newest offerings in the Touring market look like they’d hold up to everyday city cycling as well. Like their predecessor designs, the Exustar touring has the same contours as the classics but modern technology to give them a longer life and compatibility with SPD clipless systems. With a full-grain leather upper and a fiberglass-reinforced midsole, you can expect these to hold up to years of use. They don’t look half bad either.

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  • dmg

    I’ve had these for a few months and they seem good thus far. They’re not MTB shoe tough (I mangled the toes the first time I had to change a flat and didn’t realize I was rubbing the leather on asphalt as I was kneeling), but, on the other hand, they’re not MTB ugly either. Decently stiff soles, but still walkable and the soles have much better traction for non-dirt than MTB shoe soles. We’ll see how they’re doing after a year.

  • Always great to have more options in the dress commute shoe.

  • Craig

    Sure, right when I buy new shoes for work, these come out. Damn it.

  • Hi,

    These shoes are available in the US from Velo Orange, Wabi Cycles and directly from Q Cycle.