Erik Vehmeyer: Epic Montage Apr 22, 2010

Epic Montage- Erik Vehmeyer Fixed Gear from Erik V on Vimeo.

Here’s another edit from Erik Vehmeyer. Once again, the kid is killing it on his Thrasher. A ton of grinds, barspins everywhere and some big 180’s. There’s even a long slider in there as well. Don’t miss that last grind. Looks great Erik. Keep it up!

Erik Vehmeyer: New Stuff on the Thrasher

  • stabilo

    Ive been restraining myself for a minute on this but i have to say it, this style of riding can only be pulled off by a few riders that actually make it look good, but most of these clips ive been seeing are not interesting at all mainly because the tricks are being recycled over and over and also this shit simply doesnt look good on a fixed gear unless you have a dope steelo and can put some fluid shit together.

  • steven j

    soo rawwww