Derny Clothing Apr 19, 2010

Some of this stuff looks really nice. The City Shirt and Merino Wool Polo are all nice-looking garments. You can’t go wrong with Merino either. Over-all it’s not a bad first collection from Derny Clothing. Here’s a little back-story on the brand:

Our clothing incorporates cycling-specific design features along with a unique sense of style.
A world away from bland ‘commuter clothing’, the Derny range is primarily designed for urban cycling, while being elegant enough for the workplace or a night out.

Obviously because it’s a Swiss company, the pricepoint is a little high but who says I can’t put a little love out there for the EU audience? Oh and where’s a drive-side photo of that Saronni-Red ‘Nago?!

  • classy velodrome logo.

  • sean wallace

    hey john, it’s actually a company from new zealand. stay tuned for a promo vid!

  • trashcastle

    yo it looks like hes riding to a karate class in that outfit.

  • CloudyFeind

    The clothing comes from NZ

  • chrull

    Anyone else who just gets a blank page if you click the clothing-link on their webpage?

  • I got a blank page too! You’d think they would have more info.

  • The outfit suits the model. Primarily, black is really the color for that kind of sportwear.

  • Fran

    @ Hinsdale – I think it was a more a case of a broken link than not having any info – seems to be working now.