Death Pedal 2: Second Trailer Apr 1, 2010

Death Pedal 2 Trailer 2 from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

When Kareem emailed me this Death Pedal 2 trailer earlier today I simply replied “I will never post a rollerblading video to my blog”. He pleaded with me and said he’s working on a new rollerblading and fixed video and he wants to test the waters. Then he Paypal’d me $100. Hey man, I just got laid off, I need to make some money too ya know?

  • WTF!!!!
    Its funny because they were ripping it.

    Good job Kareem Im into it.

  • antihero1972

    WTF is that shit. nothings worse that fucking rollerblading. this is a all time low for this blog.

  • You don’t need to lie about how you were paid ;-)

  • So sick! It’s all about havin fun, yo – these dudes know what’s up. Just havin some fun on some wheels.

  • best vid i ever saw on this blog

  • 100 bucks? ill send you all sorts of fucked up links to post for 100 bones, your cheap. mwhahaha


  • andrew



  • @antihero1972 Yeah, nothing is worse that rollerblading. Your a clown kid. Go back to school and brush up on your grammatical skills.

  • Maple

    Wonka I just lost tons of respect ;)

  • Fred Face

    Was it hard for them to tell their parents that they are interested in the same sex?

  • lol

    shit was sick, torey has some steeeeeeze