Death Pedal 2 Extra Footage Apr 9, 2010

DP2 Extra Footage-DVDS ON SALE NOW from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

With the Death Pedal 2 DVDs completed and shipping, Kareem took some left-over footage and put it up on Vimeo. Head on over to Death Pedal to grab a copy of the DVD now and don’t forget about the Atlanta premiere!

Death Pedal 2 Atlanta Premiere

  • MaximumMatt

    Did they actually take some dude front wheel or was that just a friend they were playing a prank on?

    If they actually stole that wheel they need their faces punched in

  • some ill ish. seriously dog.

  • Wepass

    Will anyone ever admit that 98 percent of fixed gear tricks are like, really heinous looking? Just ’cause its hard doesn’t mean its rad.