Davidson Pursuit Track with Aero Bars Apr 8, 2010

Photo via Hugger Industries‘ Flickr

Bill Davidson has been building bicycles in Seattle for 35 years. In that time, he’s experimented with many forms of frame design. Many of his experimental time-trial bikes came about prior to UCI’s banning of 650c front wheels. Here’s a classic example of a proper aero bar on a pursuit track bike. Unfortunately, his gallery doesn’t showcase some of the insane designs he’s fabricated over the years which is why I got all giddy when I saw Hugger Industries‘ photo of this aero cockpit. Great photo! Loving the wishbone seatstays and the C-Record headset.

  • ez

    There is a comment on the the page about “before pursuit bars…” basically implying that before pursuit bars were readily available this is how time trial bikes looked.

    I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert, but I did grow up in a cycling household and I remember that when LeMond clipped aero bars on his bike and used that disc wheel in 1989 to shave time, it was revolutionary. I also remember discussions about the hour and Moser’s radical time trial bike used to break it in 1984.

    I was always under the impression that radical time trial bikes (in this case track bikes) were not the norm until the nineties (and yes rules about aero tubing and 650c wheels have changed those things), so what time period would this frame come from? The mid to late eighties when such things were novel?

    Just curious… I was always under the impression that pre Moser’s hour attempt track bikes looked the same whether they were time trial or not. The same goes for road cycling post LeMond’s second tour win.

  • Luke

    Is it just me or are those bars welded directly to the fork? If so, how would one go about servicing any of the front end?

  • Cody

    I was recently on a road trip to Seattle and was walking buy when I saw this bike in the window. It is located at Elliot Bay Bicycles. If you are in town and have a sec swing by. They have a bunch af vintage track bikes in amazing shape

  • j

    forgot all about those old lemond aero bars with the second drop down position. those are what youre talking about right?

  • jkelley

    if you ever get a chance to walk into that shop, you will die, so many good bikes i there.

  • Kanon08

    Those are F***ing awesome. I want a some.

  • Luke, if I remember correctly, the fork is drilled and the bars are drilled (female). You bolt on the bars through the brake hole.