Chrome: My Foots Photo Contest Apr 28, 2010

Chrome keeps rolling out the contests! Check out this one:

Chrome Announces MY FOOTS photo contest

San Francisco, CA, 4/28/2010 – Following up from their Turds For Gold promotion where Chrome shipped out over 5,000 pairs of free shoes all over the globe, they now want to see how folks will live in them. Between now and August 1st, take a photo of yourself in your new Chrome shoes and send it to [email protected] The photo can document your daily life, be humorous or ridiculous. Most importantly, it should say something about you. In August, the Chrome staff will vote on the top four submissions. A staff member will then visit each of the finalists’ hometowns, hook them up with some Chrome goods and photograph them to be featured in a Chrome ad campaign later this year.

“We can’t wait to see what kinds of submissions we get,” says Chrome Marketing Director, Matt Sharkey. “This isn’t hollow market-research, this is us wanting a glimpse into the many different lives that make up the extended Chrome family.”

By submitting your photo to [email protected], you grant the Chrome crew full permission to blast it all over the interweb, use it as a dartboard in the office, or for any other activity they do so choose. For any questions regarding the MY FOOTS photo contest, visit the Chrome Facebook Fan Page.

  • newwwshewwws

    It’s unfortunate that they sent so many people unwearable-y wrong sized shoes.

  • Boogyfart

    Yeah, mine are definitely un-wearable-y large

  • Kelly

    Dudes – my free Chrome shoes fit just fine! Did they send you the wrong size from what you wrote down?