Chicago in Milwaukee Apr 2, 2010

a saturday in mke from pasco33 on Vimeo.

Seen first at Antonyo’s ( @antonyoxxx ) Twitter, then at Locked Cog, here’s a fun little edit from Chi-Town riders hanging out in Milwaukee. Is it warming up there yet dudes?

  • alejandro

    warming up in Chicago? yup. been like 75 the past 2 days. windy as fuck though, of course.

  • toejam

    Antonyo fucking kills it!!!!!

  • pasco

    What sucks is I didn’t get a full cab antonyo did off that three set. That would have been the banger!!! MKE is so fun and these guys are the best hosts. Tons of great spots to ride. Awesome beer and food. If you’ve never been, get your ass up there. God’s country awaits.